School of Business Affairs - October -2017

2 OCTOBER 2017 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS DEPARTMENTS  4 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE  6 PUBLISHER’S MESSAGE  7 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE 14 AD INDEX 33 EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING Don’t Blink: The Planning Fallacy By Brian O. Brent, Ph.D., Karen J. DeAngelis, Ph.D., and Nathan F. Harris, M.Ed. 35 LEGAL AND LEGISLATIVE ISSUES The Educational Rights of Incarcerated Students with Disabilities By Allan G. Osborne Jr., Ed.D., and Charles J. Russo, J.D., Ed.D. 40 SPOTLIGHT ON JASON HELSEN, SFO table of contents | OCTOBER 2017 LEADING FORWARD  8 Are We There Yet? Building a High-Performing Organization By Marita Zuraitis 12 Leadership in the School Business Office By Lora Appenzeller Miller 16 The Value of Trusting Relationships By Sandra M. Edling, MBA, PRSBA 19 Words Matter: Guiding Crucial Conversations By Stan H. Wisler 22 The School Business Official’s Voice in the Legislative Process By Valentina G. Viletto, Esq. 24 Tackling Tough Topics— Addressing Hate By Robert Ruder, Ed.D. 26 Foundations of Leadership— Theories and Strategies for Success By David Dolph, Ph.D. 29 Leadership—Finding Your Potential By Patricia Hubbard, MBA, SFO ASBO SPECIAL 30 Reflections on ASBO International Membership 12 16 8