School of Business Affairs - October -2017

30 OCTOBER 2017 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS Reflections on ASBO International Membership ASBO SPECIAL Through programs, services, advocacy, and a global net- work, ASBO International is the voice of school business officials—and our volume is increasing. Membership at a Glance ASBO International represents thousands of unique school business officials from around the world, but if ASBO was a single person, its mirror image would defi- nitely be showing some wrinkles—exactly 107 years’ worth. But we’re not hiding our age: the rich history of the association has long established authority and trust over the years. ASBO’s deeply rooted past combined with the forward-looking members at present allows school business officials to tap into enough history and prog- ress to make the most well-informed decisions for schools. And with a balanced mix of age range, educa- tion, and experience among members, the association’s variety of vantage points helps decision makers see more clearly than ever. School Systems Represented Though the majority of schools represented through ASBO International members are traditional public schools, many members oversee traditional private I t happens every day—in the form of a quick glance before you rush out the door, a routine gaze while you brush your teeth, or a prolonged assessment of your exterior self. No matter the form, we all at some point are compelled to look into that reflective glass to remind us of who we are and how others per- ceive us. Of course, fully understanding one’s identity goes well beyond observing outward appearance, but taking a good, long look in the mirror is a start. The same goes for an association. Every year through the membership survey, ASBO International holds up the mirror to reflect on who we are, why we identify with one another as a collective group, and how other people view us. Here’s what our 2017 reflection reveals. Who We Are In case you need a reminder, ASBO International is an educational association that supports school business professionals who are passionate about quality educa- tion. We are committed to providing programs and services that promote the highest standards of school business management, professional growth, and the effective use of educational resources. These values compose the source of our identity, forming a founda- tion ASBO members are proud to stand on—and for.