School of Business Affairs - October -2017

32 OCTOBER 2017 | SCHOOL BUSINESS AFFAIRS Not only is ASBO made up of individuals who are reaching higher, but as a collective, we’re also intentional about joining others who are making a positive differ- ence in education. Over the past year, ASBO International has supported initiatives like the Kind Schools Project and the Trusted Learning Environment Seal, which promote ASBO’s mis- sion of fostering healthy, safe educational atmospheres for all students. We’ve also taken a stance on legislative issues by meet- ing with government officials on Capitol Hill to help keep student�s needs first. The more others see ASBO International involved in these priorities, the more suc- cessful we become in furthering and strengthening the mission of the school business profession. Last Look When we look into the mirror as an association, we see students’ needs first, as well as a few other labels we’ve earned, such as “student advocates,” “good stewards,” and “resourceful professionals.” ASBO International members have given the associa- tion a reflection full of labels to be proud of. We want our students to feel that same sense of pride when they look in the mirror. Our goal is that through rightly managing school resources, we can offer them a quality education from which they gain the confidence to write their own labels—so that whenever they look in the mirror, they’ll see the beauty of hope and a bright future. Get Engaged with ASBO International W hether you are a school business veteran or just getting started in the profession, get involved with ASBO International and reap the rewards. Log in and connect on the Global School Business Network Attend a meeting Apply or nominate a colleague for an award Submit a proposal for the Annual Meeting & Expo Volunteer for a committee Submit an article for School Business Affairs Learn more at ’